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Nt years [32]. In their study, dual positive cells of ALDH1 and another traditional ovarian CSC marker CD133 were isolated directly from human tumor to initiate tumor in mice, and these cells displayed enhanced angiogenesis and tumorigenicity like other CSCs [32]. Moreover, the patients with CD133(+)/ALDH1(+) tumor cells displayed reduced PFS and OS [32]. Distinct expression levels and patterns o
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Ovary [38], indicating a possibly different role of ALDH1 in ovarian cancer. Our present immunohistochemical study of 248 wellcharacterized patients showed high levels of ALDH1 expression in ovarian carcinoma cells, which were observed in 15.7 of the total cases, was associated with early-stage tumor, well-differentiated tumor and better survivals, although ALDH1 was not an independent risk fac
Adjusted odds ratios, p values, and confidence intervals for use of ICT by health workersaUse a computer to search the Internet for information related to your work; NUse of mobile device/tablet to access information related to your work; NDemographics Age Below 25 25?9 years 30?5 years 36?5 years Over 45 years Gender Male Female Cadre Medical officers Clinical officers Nurses OthersaOR (95 CI)p
The rise of CSC theory, some specific CSC markers were being discovered to identify putative CSCs, and ALDH1 is becoming to act as a CSC marker in the CSC studies of variable tumor types in vitro and in vivo. Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an important driver of tumor invasion and metastasis, which may be a feature of CSC. Compared to ALDH1(-) EMT cells, only ALDH1(+) EMT cells had

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